CES 2024: Kia unveils futuristic vans, trucks, and delivery vehicles

January 09, 2024

Shubham Verma

Kia attended the CES 2024 to show how it wants to go about the plan to go electric fully.

It has unveiled prototypes of its upcoming line of electric vans.

The lineup also includes public vehicles, trucks, ride-hailing, and last-mile delivery vehicles.

There will be a PV5 three-row van with modern aesthetics, which will have options for passenger cabin or carriage.

With futuristic interiors and a fixed driver seat, the PV5 will be ready by 2025 and cost around $35,000.

Kia expects to deliver 150,000 vehicles initially and 300,000 globally later.

A smart car-sized PV1 option will also be rolled out later.

There will be a larger version called the PV7, which will come in 2027.

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