WhatsApp alert! Four ways to secure your chats

February 12, 2024

Shubham Verma

Securing your WhatsApp chats has never been easier with so many tools available now. You can prevent unauthorised snooping on your WhatsApp chats using these methods.

WhatsApp lets you lock individual chats so that they do not appear plainly on the main chat screen. To reveal these chats you have to pull down on the chat screen.

These chats usually use your phone's biometric lock method, as well as the traditional PIN or passcode.

But if you share your phone with someone or someone knows your phone's passcode, WhatsApp allows you to set up a separate Secret Code for each locked chat.

Besides chat lock, you can lock your entire WhatsApp app on your Android phone or iPhone.

In settings, you have the option to set up app lock using your phone's biometric authentication method.

WhatsApp also shows a privacy checkup prompt, which you can tap to check if your chats and calls are secured.

For instance, you can silence unknown callers and block spam calls to continue using WhatsApp safely.

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