Instagram releases Trend Talk: See 2024 Gen Z trends

December 05, 2023

Pranav Sawant

Instagram has released its Trend Talk for 2024

The report reveals what the Gen Z audience thinks, wants, and expects in 2024

It also reveals some topics of discussion and trends amongst them. Let's see. 

43 percent hope that 2024 will be their self-improvement era. 

Gen Zs in India are most excited to try diverse food - vegan products, plant-based meat, etc. 

Gen Zs in India believe starting their own business is the best way to achieve wealth in 2024

Most Gen Z's on Instagram belong to a particular fandom - BTS army, Swifties, Fortnite, etc 

Gen Zs want relatable content regarding life advice, day-in-life, content about their profession, and more 

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