7 Telegram features that prove WhatsApp still has a lot to learn

Although WhatsApp is getting new features every now and then, Telegram remains to be a truly feature-rich social media app.

Sign up without a SIM card 

Telegram recently launched the ability to signup without a SIM card. This feature isn't available on WhatsApp.

Source: Techlusive

Temporary QR codes

With Temporary QR codes, users can share their usernames with others without having to share their phone numbers or other details.

Source: Techlusive

Telegram Bots

Telegram has bots are super handy as they can do different things for you. Bots can convert audio to messages and do a lot more. A feature like this is nowhere to be seen on WhatsApp.

Source: Techlusive

Emoji effects

Emojis are common but emojis with interactive effects aren't. This feature of Telegram allows users to tap on emojis to launch its effects on screen.

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Aggressive mode

Telegram has an Aggressive mode for groups with 200 members. The feature will automatically filter spam messages.

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Storage Usage

Although WhatsApp allows you to delete messages and media storage, the Storage Usage feature of Telegram on Android offers a detailed way of doing the same.

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Telegram groups with more than 100 users can use the 'Topics' feature and message according to different topics discussed in the group.

Source: Techlusive

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